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WHITE WIDOW by Nirvana Seeds

White Widow Strain Review

White Widow

White Widow

WHITE WIDOW by Nirvana Seeds

The infamous WHITE WIDOW”

We’ve all heard of it, and more than likely smoked some variant of this strain.  White Widow has got to be the queen of the “white” family of cannabis plants. This strain made it’s breakthrough around the mid 90′s. Still to this day its descendants bring forth some of the most potent bud.  White Russian, Snow White, and Misty to name just a few.  White widow earned its name due to its buds so full of resin that they looked “sugar coated”. Truly, every weed connoisseur’s dream whether you grow or just smoke.

White Widow’s heritage is almost as mythical as G-13.  All I know is that White Widow was supposedly bred from Brazilian and Indian genetic strains resulting in a 60% Sativa / 40% Indica hybrid plant. Wish I could tell you more about its origins.

White Widow is an extremely high quality plant with a very nice stone, fruity taste, and sweet aroma. It took first prize in the BIO High Times Cannabis Cup in 1995 and has been a winner of various coveted cannabis trophies. It is definitely one of the most rewarded strains of all time.

Seed banks frequently brag about the THC content of this variety and I’ve seen some claims of over 20% Wow! Wish I could get my hands on that! THC content of 12-18% is still some serious stone. PoTenT is what the White Widow is known for. I personally grow the Nirvana White Widow so I’ll describe my grow experience with it.

Grow: Overall I’d say its a fairly easy plant to grow. I grow multiple strains and side by side comparisons show they are more robust than some of my other strains. Not quite the hardiness of a Northern but definitely one a noob can manage. I germ’d from seed in a cup and 100% popped. I veg’d them only 18 days and then 12/12. 80% female ratio achieved w/standard seeds.

I had a slight mag deficiency around the 2nd week of flower but other than that, just fed them the same slurry in my ebb and flow as the rest. I also use hygrozyme in my res throughout my grows. I use a bud blaster product around the 4th week as well as upping the nute intake as needed in my garden. Trich production really takes off towards the 7th week, when you’ll really notice the buds glisten like they were powdered in crushed diamonds.

Smell: The Nirvana White Widow smell is a kinda sweet/piny aroma (to me) and I actually find it quite pleasant and less pungent than expected. It would make a great used car fragrance.

Taste: (after cured in mason jar 3 weeks) Very crisp/sweet floral flavor. First hit kinda resembles the sweet savor of a purp on the aftertaste. One of the sweeter tasting strains in my grow.

Smoke: I’d smoke labrador dookie like Cheech and Chong to experience the high of all highs. I was not disappointed with Nirvana’s Widow. I got very high to say the least. My girl and I got so trashed.  We were lounge’n on the bed laughn have’n the funniest conversation after smokin this the first time….one thing led to another and we began eating the weed out of the jar! It just smelled and tasted that good.  I now have Nirvana’s White Widow cloned for every grow.

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