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Do not overwater marijuana plants!

Tip #5

Do not over water marijuana plants!  Don’t do it!

DO NOT Over Wter (most common mistake)
Too much water will kill your marijuana plants. As your plants turn yellow and wither and die your likely to think something else is wrong with them or that they are wilting due to lack of water.  Rule out the simple things first like PH, nute burn, and then watering schedule.   Stick your finger 2 knuckles or a couple inches into the soil.  If its dry, then its ok to water.  If its saturated, you’ve likely found your problem.  You should allow the soil to dry out as much as possible between watering.  If your using sink water in a city, fill up a container and leave it open for 24 hours or more to release chlorine and contaminents.  Make sure the container holding the plant has a drain hole to shed excess H2o.


I thought this was far out!


LAS VEGAS, Nevada — Bike maker Craig Calfee has found a way to grow bicycle frames in a field, with sunlight and water.

He makes them out of bamboo.

“It’s like bonsai basically,” said Calfee, who is based in Santa Cruz, California. “If you grow it in the shape you want it, it’s by far the strongest way to get it in the shape you want it.”

He’s been making bamboo bikes for awhile now, but because each bicycle is made to order, his workshop can turn out only limited numbers of the $2,700 frames. Continue reading HEMP and BAMBOO BICYCLE

Buying Weed

Buying Weed

Tip #4

Try not to get ripped off.  It happens more often than you think.  People are always in such a hurry.  Bring your own scale.  You can pick them up at discount cigarette shops all over for cheap. If your a newbie smokin the grass, ask a friend you know smokes to help ya buy some pot.  If your meeting a dealer neither of you know, its always a good idea to bring a friend thats bigger than you are.

I recommend trying to do business with friends whenever possible(if they have good weed). You’re more likely to get hooked up cuz they like ya.   Also, always try to buy eighths (one eighth of an ounce). You get more weed for your money!

Ideas to Cultivate


Ideas to Cultivate

There’s a lot of reasons why a person would decide to grow their own marijuana. Contrary to what modern propaganda would have you believe, funding terrorists groups or Mexican mafia drug lords are not the primary reasons. Walking the streets aimlessly bangin on mailboxes while foaming at the mouth is not a side effect after smokin a joint either..

In this zine….

1.  Why people smoke pot
2.  Becoming Greenman(or woman :)

3.  Making it a habit
4.  Apple pipe

1. Why people smoke pot

Sure, there’s large gang organizations and there’s petty thugs. There always has been and always will be those who wish to exploit others. But don’t generalize the entire stoner counterculture based upon a few bad examples. Most cannabis smokers are normal, sane, affectionate, loving individuals who contribute to society in a very positive manner.  So why do people like to smoke weed then?

The largest percentage of people that smoke marijuana do it for recreational purpose. They are responsible smokers that like to wind down after work, conversation with friends, enhance life experiences, seek refuge from ailments, and to become closer with the universe while seeking their path. Many cannabis growers love the gardening aspect and feel that immersing themselves in this purpose soothes their soul bringing great satisfaction. There’s nothing like smoking your own bud. I guess it would be similar to brewing your own moonshine, minus the headache the next day. And that’s just it…..marijuana is simply an alternative to alcohol with many more benefits. Don’t believe me? Compare the pros and cons of cannabis to society to those of alcohol.

There are an exponentially large number of cannabis users that are now seeking safe alternatives to prescription drugs. This gig is up in my opinion. These pharmaceutical drugs are overpriced, hyped up, addictive drugs that kill far more people than cannabis. Marijuana is being embraced now for its beneficial relief to cancer patients, aids patients, spinal/back pain patients, migraines, insomnia, and so many other. No wonder its been around for thousands of years. Duh!

In this time of economic retraction (at least here in the US) marijuana definitely helps to ease the frustration and stress from the everyday BOMBARDMENT of negative media and doom and gloom. It seems to open a pathway of appreciation to nature drawing out your connectedness to your surroundings. You WILL become more aware. You WILL slow down your pace of life taking time to enjoy what matters most to you. Family, friends, your time, your purpose. Life will become a bit more clear to you.

“It is always in giving that we receive. Meaning that when we are living in a state of lack, the very gesture we may least want to give is the very act that could help us create the abundance that we seek. ”

2. Becoming Greenman(or woman :)

How do you grow marijuana? Is it hard? Will it take a lot of money to get started? These are only some of the topics we’ll cover here in the zine. I’ll be showing you what the fundamentals of growing are. Yeah, I know… its a weed, lol. How hard can it be? Seed, dirt, water, light. That simple. Well….kind of.

There are basically 2 ways to grow marijuana. Outdoors or Indoors. Both have there benefits. I grow indoors as I feel its better for my current situation. If I had the right property in the right area though, i’d be outdoors enjoying nature even more. You can grow using soil or you may choose to use a soil less medium and opt for hydroponics. Again, this is a personal preference. I find that this aspect really reflects a persons personality. People who enjoy fidgeting with gadgets and making simple things complicated usually opt for hydroponics. Yields can be improved and flowering time shortened a bit but overall most smokers are enthusiasts and do not choose the method of growing based upon these things. They usually choose what they are more comfortable with, or seek to gain knowledge in. Like organics for example. Going green or sustainability are HUGE trends in the US right now. Its all about the green movement baby. I’m surprised with all the talk about “green” that more people don’t vote green party! Demand for organic products increases each year and I find that most people who grow organic in soil also eat organic and either purchase or grow there own vegetable. They usually have killer gardens!

Acquiring good genetics can be the most expensive part of the equation. Really as far as investment to get started goes, a simple seed is all you need. Plant a seed outdoors where it can get full sun. Water the plant as needed and keep close inspection for outside elements that may damage it. Like ripping it right out of the ground! Just like any hobby, the sky is the limit on what you want to spend. Factors such as what type, what amount, what method, all way heavily on the cost. If your a medicinal patient with a chronic illness(no pun intended), you be spending upwards of $1000(USD). Mobility is a major concern here, so you’ll more than likely be growing indoors. You’ll need a system in place to accomplish this. Grow mediums, nutrients, lights, etc. they all add up real fast. How much medicine you need to consume and how often will have a direct effect. But compare it to the alternative. Prescription drugs cost far more in most circumstances.

Lets discuss in this article the basic steps needed to grow marijuana outdoors. We’ll assume you want to grow out a few plants and not give them a lot of attention initially. You simply want to stick your toe in the water and test this marijuana growing thing out. You want to invest as little as possible initially until you find out if its right for you. First you’ll need a seed. You can purchase some really great marijuana seeds http://www.marijuana-seeds.net/NirvanaSeeds.htm. Next, choose the site your going to plant your seed. Scout out a site thats going to get direct light. Usually you’ll want to find a north facing slope. Do not plant it in the open in plain view but rather blend it in next to another shrub or amoung other vegetation as a backdrop. THIS SITE is useful in determining the daylight for your area and when the best time to plant is. Dig a whole about 3 feet deep and 2 or so feet wide. Replace the soil in the hole and leave it loose. Do not pack it down. Water it but don’t flood the hole. Place your seed in the soil about a ¼ – ½ inch or so under the surface and let nature take its course. Sweet. Thats it.

3. Make it a habit

Everyone needs a hobby that satisfies them on a deep and emotional level. Getting high on gardening is just as much about the process as it is about smoking the end result. Gardening actually lifts your mood! When you develop a connection with nature it can have profound effects on your body. For instance, gardening is great exercise. Did you know gardening for 30 minutes could have the same effect as riding a bike for 30 minutes? While enjoying yourself in the garden you are working all of your major muscle groups.

Research is showing that gardening for just 30 minutes daily will help:

Increase flexibility
Strengthen joints
Decrease blood pressure and cholesterol levels
Lower your risk for diabetes
Slow osteoporosis

Research is also showing that exposure to dirt may effect your mood as well as boost the immune system…MORE HERE.

4. Ideas to cultivate
Apple Pipe:

Traveling with paraphernalia is never a good idea. If you don’t care for rolling joints and are tired of collecting pipes on vacation, pick up an apple. They taste good too :)

Remove the stem. Push a stick or skewer or something into where the stem was.  Push down about half way into the apple. Next push it through the side of the apple perpendicular so the two tunnels meet. Put your weed on the top where the stem was removed. Inhale through the front while you light the top. Yum Yum.

HERE’S a video I found that demonstrates this perfectly. These girls are smokin  :)

All the best,


Quality Marijuana Seeds for Potency

Grow from Quality Seeds
Always strive to acquire superior genetics.  Your final product is 90% dependent upon it.   Potency is not grown.  Be prepared to be disappointed using unknown seeds.

think of it like this.  “You can polish a terd…..but its still going to be a terd.”  supplying an inferior genetic plant with the perfect growing environment is still going to result in an inferior plant.

genetics are everything

Nutrients for Marijuana

Tip #2

Nutrients: There are 3 main components to plant fertilizers; Nitrogen (N), Phosphorous (P), and Potassium (K). Depending on what stage of growth your marijuana is in, determines the nutrients your plants will uptake.  If you use in-water nutrients, be careful of how much and how often you feed them… reading the label could help prevent harm to your plants.

What are Trichomes?

I ran across this page and was like, Wow! someone took a lot of time to explain this.  ITs a good read and well worth it.  Trichs are super importante man.  Basically why we grow. You know this!  Article (HERE):

capitate stalked trichome photo by: Eirik

Although cannabis resin glands called trichomes are structurally diverse, they come in three basic varieties:

  • Bulbous:
    The bulbous type is the smallest (15-30 micron). From one to four cells make up the “foot” and “stalk,” and one to four cells make up the “head” of the gland. Head cells secrete a resin – presumably cannabinoids, and related compounds which accumulate between the head cells and the cuticle. When the gland matures, a nipple-like protrusion may form on the membrane from the pressure of the accumulating resin. The bulbous glands are found scattered about the surfaces of the above-ground plant parts.
  • Capitate-Sessile:
    The second type of gland is much larger & is more numerous than the bulbous glands. They are called capitate, which means having a globular-shaped head. On immature plants, the heads lie flush, appearing not to have a stalk and are called capitate sessile. They actually have a stalk that is one cell high, although it may not be visible beneath the globular head. The head is composed of usually eight, but up to 16 cells, that form a convex rosette. These cells secrete cannabinoids, and related compounds which accumulate between the rosette and it’s outer membrane. This gives it a spherical shape. The gland measures from 25 to 100 micron across.
  • Capitate-Stalked:
    Cannabinoids are most abundant in the capitate-stalked gland which consists of a tier of secretory disc cells subtending a large non-cellular secretory cavity. During flowering the capitate glands that appear on the newly formed plant parts take on a third form. Some of the glands are raised to a height of 150 to 500 micron when their stalks elongate. These capitate-stalked glands appear during flowering and form their densest cover on the female flower bracts. They are also highly concentrated on the small leaves that accompany the flowers. The male flowers have stalked glands on the sepals, but they are smaller and less concentrated than on the female bracts. Male flowers form a row of very large capitate glands along the opposite sides of anthers.

Continue reading What are Trichomes?

Flying insects infesting your marijuana?

TIP #1

Flying insect problem?  try putting a little apple cider with some vinegar in a cup.  Place at the bottom of the plants.

80% of Pot Crops Invade Parklands

CHICAGO — Mexican drug cartels are stepping up marijuana cultivation in U.S. national parks and on other public land, endangering visitors and damaging the environment, law enforcement and National Park Service officials say.

Continue reading 80% of Pot Crops Invade Parklands

Marijuana Growing Tips Category Added!

We’ve added a new sexy section :)  Tips

I’ll be adding some tips here frequently. They’ll be EASY tidbits of information.  Use them to increase your quality of  bud and efficiency of your grow room.

Give ‘em a try and let us know what ya think.  If ya have some tips to share, we’re all ears man.  Leave us a comment and we’ll add your tip to the site.

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