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Common Marijuana Plant Growing Problems

Common Marijuana Plant Problems

TIP #8

Are your marijuana plants showing signs of problems?  Discoloration, blotches, drying up, and wilting are just some of the ways the leaves of a marijuana plant will let you know something is wrong.  They are not as happy as they would like to be.  Stressing the marijuana plant can lead to low yield or even its demise.  First rule out these things:

  • Plants have plenty of water
  • PH is 5.6 – 5.9
  • Your light cycles are correct
  • Your medium is not saturated
  • Constant fresh air

With the above ruled out, use the below to help diagnose your plants problem!

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Got me a cool marijuana t shirt from this place….

Here’s a cool site offering some marijuana strain related t shirts.  I had seen their booth at Hempfest and had the pleasure of chilln with the owners.  Very cool group.  Glad to see they’re still bakin it through the global depression. lol.   Keep on keepn on catz.

Medicinal Cannabis or Pharmaceutical Drugs?

I came across this video on youtube and think its worth a few minutes to check out.  After watching it you may find yourself wondering  why cannabis is not presented as a legitimate option.

Medicinal Cannabis vs Prescription Drugs

Marijuana Hydroponic Ebb and Flow Table #2

Here we are approximately 14 days after the marijuana clones were transferred to the 6″ rockwool cubes and placed in the hydroponic table.  These plants have grown significantly since the last post.   I’ve also posted some pics of the individual strains so you can see the different phenotypes(characteristics).  Be sure to click on the “MORE” link to read the complete details.

Since the last post i have attached my exhaust fan to the 1000 watt HPS light and attached to the same timer as the ballast.  It will now vent whenever the light is on removing unwanted heat from the growspace.  Its cold at the moment so i’m using this heat source to warm the reservoir and the room.  I only do this in the cold winter months(Dec, Jan)as it works great for my particular room.  The rest of the year the light is vented with air separate from the grow room.  It never mixes so no smells will permeate.  You must learn to keep your growing environment at or as close to your desirable growing temps.  74 is a good rule of thumb.  60′s to get those purple phenotypes really showing.  Simple changes can make degrees of difference.  I’ll plug some tips regarding this.

After the room was setup and prepared, I pre-soaked the 6″ rockwool cubes in the tub and swished them around a bit to remove a lot of the loose debris.  Next I fit the 2″ clone cubes into the larger cubes. Just cut as needed.  Now just place them in the tray.

And now 13 days later we’re pretty much up to date.  Sometime within the next week I’ll check to see if we’ve got the growth for cloning.  As for now they are really taking off and i do not want to stress them.  They are exhibiting fast growth now due to the roots establishing and they are no longer stressed from the move and new growing climate.  These girls are happy once again, and it shows.  I tested the PH regularly in the first couple days.  Adding PH down when necessary.  It is a tedious task at first.  It seems all brands of PH down act much different so its a trial and error, “wing’n it”, sort of thing.  Just add the PH down slowly and when you get close, whether over or under,stop and let it mix well.  After a few hours check it again.  Eventually it will balance somewhat and you will not have such drastic swings.  Keep that PH as close to 5.8 as possible.  For every point there is a 10 x  swing in acidity.  You can see why 4.3 one day and 8.4 the next really stresses the marijuana plants.  A digital PH meter here is highly recommended.  Point and click.  I am feeding 600ppm currently and will bump it to 900ppm next week.  I’ve set the table to flood twice daily or every 12 hours how ever you want to look at it.  Next week i’ll change to every 6 hours.  Temps are 78 with no A/C with the light on and i’m heating with a thermostat adjusted ceramic heater set at 72 lights off.  When the weather warms up I’ll need to kick the Air Conditioner on thermostat full time and the heater most definitely removed.   Hmmmmm….what else.  Oh….i have a couple smaller submersible pumps in the reservoir that run non stop.  i have them pointed in opposite directions generating a kind of “eddy” or “whirl pool” effect.  This is keep the nutrients from settling to the bottom as well as keep the water moving and oxygenated. I also have replaced the canister in my automatic pesticide releaser thingy.  Its like those commercial fragrance dispensers you see in public restrooms.  You can also get flying insect bug killer refills for those in some hardware stores.  For some reason i only have luck finding them at ACE hardware’s.


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Happy New Years you bunch of pot smokers! lol

oh yeah, and remember…………….If you aren’t chokin, then you aren’t SMOKIN!

Now lets all get LiFteD! :)

Marijuana Hydroponic Ebb and Flow Table

Ok, its time to grow out a medicinal marijuana grow.  Here you are invited to follow along and ask questions whenever necessary.  I’ll cover how this particular hydroponic system works and post some pics to help you understand.  We’ll also follow the grow through to harvest.

Before getting started with any grow its important to CLEAN your grow space.  Bugs and fungus are of major concern.  In between each grow it is important to completely sterilize or at least to the best of your ability sterilize as much of your grow space as possible.

After i complete a grow i like to bomb my space with some of those bug bomb(spray cans) and let them sit a day or so.  You’d be surprised what crawls from the cracks and dies on your floor.  This stuff is flammable and if you have a perfect grow room like i have, it can be very dangerous.  Vent the room well  prior to spending any length of time in there.  Let me back up here for a second.  When i say i have a “PERFECT” grow room, i am referring to the style of grow room.  Many growers will vent their grow rooms allowing for huge amounts of air to be exchanged. Although that is a great way to grow, there are some increased risks associated. A grower should consider the pros and cons of each prior to setting up there operation.

In a “PERFECT” grow room you try to provide the perfect environment for the plants but in an air tight space.  No air is being displaced by exhaust but rather filtered to remove smell and CO2 is provided via either bottle or burner in a regulated manner.  My room is very tight and little air escapes keeping smells contained.  Although i highly recommend this way to grow, especially in urban areas, they require a bit more attention to safety and do have some added cost.  Cleanliness is key however you choose to grow.

Today i spent a better part of my afternoon removing the flood tray and reservoir along with whatever else was in my way.  When i had my grow room pretty empty i swept, vacuumed, and mixed a hot batch of bleach and water. Next I mopped down my walls and floors.  I scrubbed my reservoir and tray and then put them back.  Here is where we begin. ( i still have assembly to follow…i’m a lazy stoner : )

I was going to be using some clones from Nirvana’s Purple Power strain.  That plan has unraveled as the friend who would have supplied them has gone A.W.O.L.  After waiting a few extra days and no returned calls……Were moving on.

The clones above are G13, Strawberry Cough x Deep Chunk, Black Domina and Purple Kush.  These are all very killer strains.  Great for different ailments and the Strawberry cough is kinda a connoisseur’s strain.  Its not a high yield er so its kind of like the “Special” stash for when your really feel’n it.

We’ll be taking these strains and growing them out.  We’ll also be taking clones.  I’ll use some to establish mothers to keep the perpetual grow goin and to cover all the basics.

How the Ebb and Flow (Flood and Drain) System works:

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Soil Mix for growing marijuana

A Marijuana Soil Mix

Ok, there’s been some basic questions lately about growing out some indoor plants using soil.  Imparticulary what a good soil mix would be.  Asking a person what the best soil mix is happens to be like asking what the best tasting wine is.  Every grower has their flavor.

Cannabis grows poorly in soil that is heavily compacted, high in PH, and has poor drainage.  With that in mind, you want a moderat PH around 6.7, deep wide holes outside, and lighter fluffier soil indoors/in pots.   With that in mind, here’s a soil recipe with proven success. Lets assume were’re going to be growing in a grow bed for this recipe.

My suggestion:

Organic potting soil – any brand is fine but i can recommend “Happy Frog” as i have worked with this.  If you can find a higher grade soil with coco in it this will be prefered. Your going to need anywhere from 8-10 bags of soil.

Worm Castings.  a staple of any soil mix.  very easy to produce and a great sustainable solution for food scraps in any household.  Worms are your friends.  Get as much worm casting as you can.  Add anywhere from 5-10lb’s or so…or more!

3/4 cup Azomite for trace elements – not essential to the grow, but will set you apart.

Epson Salt – 1cup should surfice.  Add more if deficiency occurrs in flower.  i highly doubt it will but if it does, mix a diluted foliar feed.

Bone Meal – 3lbs blood meal

Dolomite Lime – 1 cup

Humic acids are highly recommended.  Apply as recommended. usually a couple tablespoons.

Bat guano – 5lbs or so.

a couple 5 gal scoops of perlite.

REmember to let soil dry out prior to watering.  Watering is key.  A good rule of thumb is try to touch the plants less and keep notes of what you are doing.  If you don’t know what you did to mess things up, how will you know how to fix it????

Magnesium deficiency while flowering marijuana

TIP #7

Magnesium Deficiency

Magnesium (Mg)  Deficiency is quite common.  (Mg) deficiency usually turns the older growth leaves a spotty or blotchy yellow.  It will eventually get brownish as it worsens.  Usually it starts at the outer edges of the leaf and works it way in. The margins of the leaves may bulge up and the tips can curl.

To correct the problem foliar feed the plants by misting.  Add 1/4 – 1/2 tablespoon Epson salt diluted in warm water.  Then add Epson salt…. around a 1/2 – 1 tablespoon per gallon of water to your reservoir.

Magnesium defficiency is a very common problem when growing marijuana.  The cannabis plant uses a lot of (Mg) and many fertilizers do not provide enough.

Marijuana leaf HEAT BURN from grow lights

Tip #6


If your marijuana leaves become curled, dry, and brittle…..your lights are too close to your plants.  You may notice the lights actually leaving burnt spots.   If you foliar feed(Mist) before or during the lighting phase the droplets may have a magnifying effect as well and could lead to some damage spots.  You can also get these spots if you’ve got some refractive element focusing the ligh(think magnifying glass).  An easy way to tell if your plants can handle it is to simply place your hand under the light just above the plant tops.  Is your hand hot? Can you stand to keep it there?  If it starts feelin to hot than your plants are going to more than likely receive stress as well.  I try for 74-78F at the canopy.

Generally during times of stress, like introducing new seedling or clones to light, you do not want to punish your plants further with overwhelming lumens and heat.  Let them establish their rootgrowth and work them up to a bazillion lumens(lol).  Maybe start your lights at twice the height to reduce the lumens and heat.  Then drop them down when the plants are showing active growth.  As your plants grow towards the light(inches per day), keep close watch, er uh….i mean feel!

Higher Thinking

“Anyone who reads this has either used marijuana or knows someone who has, and they know that person is NOT a criminal.”