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Lets grow marijuana, first lesson you need to know

Your finally ready to grow your own marijuana huh?  Good decision.  Your going to love smoking your own bud.  There’s lots of advantages to growing your own marijuana, like knowing what your inhaling, having cash in your wallet again,  and choice of strains to smoke.  That’s always nice! Your going to need a bigger stash box my friends.

Before we get started with growing lets emphasize the GOLDEN RULE.  Learn it, respect it, and live by it, and you shouldn’t have any problems.

TELL NO ONE ABOUT YOUR GROWS! So obvious…so hard.  When you get started, your going to want to show someone this beautiful cannabis lady, budding in all her glory.  Smell’n so sweet and shimmering with sticky goodness.  Its going to be hard.  If you must show someone….Show us.  Send us your pics, tell us how it’s goin.  Just make sure NO ONE WHO REALLY EXISTS KNOWS!

Here in the Lets Grow! area we’re going to learn a bit about the cannabis plants, different methods of growing them, nutients and how they affect the plant, and many other interesting facts about cultivating your own stash of marijuana.

After we get through the basics, we’ll be growing out a crop right here so you can see it step by step. Everything you need to know to supply yourself with plenty of meds and sooth your soul.

28 comments to Lets grow marijuana, first lesson you need to know

  • dee

    i tried to grow my own cannabis but it only grow a little and then died. what do i do?

  • Eric

    Pick your chin up and try again. Perseverance is an important component to growing the finest cannabis. Its pretty hard to kill a weed so i’ll need a lot more details to diagnose the problem…lol :) j/k mate.

    but really. i do need more details to advise what went wrong. was it outdoor or indoor? what type of medium is used? how old was the plant when it flatlined? how was it changing(look, color,spots? bugs?,etc)

    Stick around….your next grow WILL be succesful.

    toOo de loOo

  • C-NOTE

    I have three 1 month old plants and they look very healthly but i still cannot tell if they are male or female??? any suggustions? or how to make them grow faster?? the talest one is 4 inches.

  • mike

    hey i got 2 white widow seeds wats the best way to start to grow im a first timw grower

  • GARRiCk.

    i was lookin around on how to grow sum weed from my seeds but they did’nt start growing yet. I put them in water and let them soak overnight and they sank, and i planted them in soil now wat do i do? (NEWBIE)

  • GARRiCk.

    i was lookin around on how to grow sum weed from my seeds but they did’nt start growing yet. I put them in water and let them soak overnight and they sank, and i planted them in soil now wat do i do? (NEWBIE) oh and F.Y.I. im growing it outdoors.

  • Eric

    C-Note – ya need more lumens. the slower the growth, the longer it takes to maturity. grab a couple cfl’s. youll know its a gal when ya see the white hairs.

    Mike – just toss em in a glass of water. place them in a dark place where its relatively warm. above 75 is good for germ. check em in 2 days. remove them when ya got a 1/4″ taproot.

    Garrick – Garrick, your seeds were sterile. Good seeds will float when dropped into the glass. You can hope for the best while ya keep checkin back, but i’d pick up some new beans from Nirvana. Regarding growing outdoors mate….if your coming into the colder seasons its the wrong time to be planting. YOu need warmer soil temps and longer days of sunlight. Plant your new beans under a quad compact flourescent setup.


  • max kush

    Hey, i just got 2 plants growing and need to know how to maintain them so they dont die, and atleast get a little bud out of them. First time grower and indoor plants but the seeds are from some stress bud (bullshit bud) i got in the street. Please help me!

  • Eric

    Max Kush– you growin soil or hydro? As far as the actual plant maintenance goes, its relatively the same. Im going to be growing out a full medicinal grow in the Hydroponics section. I’ll be using “purple power” clones. Never grown out this strain before so we’ll see what surprises arise soon enough eh? hahahah hang around buddy Oh, and i’ve blazed some good “bagseed” before…but genetics are KEY tho, and the potency is in the genetics. If you were really feeln it than go for it. If it hasnt been your best in a while, i’d pick up some better genentics. Your goin to have a fair amount of time and a bit of cash into this so you might as well really really really anticipate the reward lol

  • smoke

    Eric, I have successfully grown a plant indoors in the past. However it has been several years. I don’t neccesarily have a green thumb but i have a small outdoor garden. Anyways, to get to the point I am thinking of growing another plant(indoors) and was wondering about some more information on cloning and how to begin to work on a good strain. If you buy the ‘designer’ seeds from the internet or websites do they yeild THC? Or do you have to clone or what not to get them to yeild or do you just have to wait a generation? I am a pretty resourceful guy and have managed to acquire a handful of some seeds from a very potent and extermely beautiful strain. Should i just use these instead? Oh and i had my soil mixture down pat but am wondering about fertilizers? With indoor use what, if anything should i use? I never used them before because i didn’t want to kill it. Any help is appreciated.

  • smoke

    P.S. I am in America and would they ship seeds here anyways?

  • Eric

    Smoke – in short….you cant improve what God provides. Its all about the genetics. Providing the best possible environment for growth or the best nutrients for uptake will not increase the potency. Think of more like genetics being 90% the outcome and 10% a result of the care and attention from the grower. Or as i like to say, “Sure…you can polish a terd, but it will always be a terd.”

    As for the growing tips, I’m going to grow out a full grow documented here with pics, right before we got started here we got a little hickup. We’ll be back on track soon. Stick around.

  • Eric

    Smoke- Getting seeds here is no problem as well. Its always best to have your 215(medicinal Rx) but i’ve alway received my seeds from Nirvana regardless.

    Stay Lifted!

  • Rose


    I want to grow my own medical marijuana. I ordered a grow cabinet called a PC Planter from sunlight sheds. It looks small. Will this be sufficient. The dimensions is about 2 ft. high and 1/2 ft. wide.

  • Eric

    Hi Rose, Send that back! That is rubbish. You’ll be spending waaaay more effort than the harvest will justify. To grow a realistic amount of high quality DENSE medicinal cannabis, you’ll need a space at least 2x2x6. That PC setup is outrageously priced. You can setup a killer closet setup for that price and pull Oz’s off each plant! Youll be lucky to get a few grams outta that gimmick thing. I have found that research and spending more money up front will save you lots of cash in the long run. Spend that 500+ bucks on a 600W+ digital ballast(HPS) light and make your own DWC bucket. You’ll have much denser buds and 10 times the quantity for LESS MONEY IMHO. http://www.marijuanapassion.com has great info for beginners who want to build their own systems….which i HIGHLY RECOMMEND.

  • Rick

    Hello Im lost here on my grow. I have a cabinet 6 Feet long by 6 feet wide 8 feet tall . I have a 400 walt MH . my cabinet might be to big for this light. I was thinking of one that is only 2ft wide 4ft long 6 ft high. for about 5 plants. is this fine or now to small. plants to grow are NL#5. Thay grow to 3ft max.

  • Rick

    Hello I just built a box that is 2ft,w 4ft,L 6 and ahafe feet tall cost of all this under $100 . I have a 400w mh is this to small. max hight of the plants are 3ft .

  • Eric

    Use whatcha got. If you can afford a 1k digital than i would say yeah….add more LUMENS! Ultimately if you want super dense budz ya got to up the lumens. 400W is no comparison to 1kw. I would NOT build a smaller box. Put that money towards more light. Or at least an HPS bulb. Search http://www.craigslist.org, theres 1kw’s lights on there all the time for a hundred bucks or so. In the meantime vent your light and get it as close to the plants as possible without burning them. No dry crispy spotted leaves!


  • Eric

    Also, when i grew NL strains they did not stay under 3′. Cut off your bottom 1/3 for better air circulation and thats a super easy strain to clone. That strain is like impossible to kill.

  • fatep49

    Have 1mo. plants need to figure how to send pics.

  • Eric

    send’n pics. i think when you register it gives you some info on that?????? i’m not sure, i’ll had to add a section for that. i’m too high at the moment. Is there anythin ya need help with or are you goin to show us some super danky sticky budz. whoa yea! Bud porn……bring it!

  • Jayzzon

    Ok man, I just ordered The Ebb & Gro DH system 4, from Discount Hydroponics and its coming with a 1000w Xtreme Lighting system.Just wondering your take on the Product.Also i Have Orange bud, Red Diesel 10x Feminized,and BLZ Bud 10x Feminized Seeds.Now I am a Beginner grower.Any tips???Also will be using BC bud Nutrients.

  • Eric

    Jayzzon: The setup rocks, i would build my own. You could thro that system together yourself for less. Take the savings and buy 2 lights or more!. (www.craigslist.org is your friend)IMHO u will need at least 2 1kw’s in that setup. 6 lights vented to an attic and your going to be pulling pounds of dense nugz. I would recommend coco and perlite instead of hydroton balls. bubblers in the bottom from one central airpump if you can afford. My new setup that i’ll be posting a start to finish build on shortly will be similar. BC bud nutrients are fine. I’m becoming partial to Flora Nova.

    stay lifted!

  • illusion

    i just picked up a couple clones “grandaddy purps” and some “blue berry” i am a newb and would like to know some about transplanting. what the best time, place, does time of day matter. and i am in nor cal need to now if its to late to start outdoor. the days are long and hot and people told me around here they can grow there plants untill october/november. any advice will help.

  • johnnyboy

    hey eric, im a first time grower, and before i start a plant, is there anywhere i can find a step by step on growing? like a manual or instructions? like you said, i want to smoke my own bud and quit wasting cash that could be put to better uses.

  • Sean Heiduk

    Hey so im a first time grower and i have a small garden in which i’d like grow. i want to buy some clones and start with those instead of seeds. i have my 215 card and im only looking to grow a few plants just to have a nice supply for an occasional toke. im worried about the how much light they will need since outdoors is different than indoors. every where i read about growing its says 12hours and im never sure if they mean for indoor plants or both.????

  • extra poopie

    SCHULTZ 20-20-20 OR ALASKA FISH FERTILIZER NPK OF 5-1-1. CFL LIGHTING HYDRO DEEP WATER CULTIVATION. Ether that or go broke at the hydro store. What’s my best option. Even the low stuff is 26 bucks. my job spikes are 13-4-5 npk plus fish guts or what ever my npk should be 18-5-5. The botle reads deodorized fish emulsion.

    I got 3 month old” rose’s” with popcorn size buds, that will fuck you bad. I mix it with shit from the streets these fucks can’t get right. This one chick said she shit was Med. ” I said yeah really nice seeds. try again. Needless to say I was angry. These people lie to you in face. I like a light green bitch with red hair an she better not be pregnant. South of the border a pound of roses is 50 bucks all bud No leaf lemon line green.

  • extra poopie

    Besides genetics whats the biggest facter in bud size.

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