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The difference between Indica vs Sativa – Marijuana Leaf Example

We all know there’s different strains of weed. Marijuana breeders will cross breed different plants for prefered characteristics known as phenotypes. A phenotype is the observable, qualifyable, quantifiable representation of a trait. There happen to be two distinct traits known as Indica dominant and Sativa dominant. This does not necessarily mean that there are only two types of plant genes or species or whatever. There is actually a wide array of phenotypes found throughout the plants and their leaves. Skinnier Sativa like class, thick Indica type class, and many less subtle phenotypes between the two.  Curly, pointy, fat skinny, color, shape, etc. see where this is going? and it just keeps going. So when you see a “strain” of marijuana, you are basically looking at a particular plant that a marijuana breeder has created to display certain traits.

We’ll get into these phenotypes and the different examples a bit later. First lets explore the main differences between the two most frequently found and easily identifiable types. Cannabis Indica and Cannabis Sativa.

The biggest visual difference you will find between Indica and Sativa marijuana is in the leaves. Sativa marijuana leaves are much smaller and thinner then Indica marijuana leaves.

Indica is a short plant, usually under 6 feet or so and rarely over 8ft tall. Indica marijuana leaves have short, wide fingers and are deep green. Sometimes they can tinge with an almost purple color. The leaves will become darker as the plant matures over time. The branches (nodes) are short and will produce thick, dense, marijuana buds maturing earlier around the September month.

Indica marijuana buds can vary in color from dark green to purple just like their leaves. Under cooler conditions, strains with a phenotype or characteristic to produce purple buds may become more intense. Marijuana buds have little trouble maturing under cool conditions of northern climates but may take a bit longer than those provided optimum environments to grow. Avoid planting in areas of frost. Indica marijuana buds smell stinky, a kind of pungent odor given off by the THC. The smoke is thick and induces coughing. (If you aint chokin….then you aint smokin!) Indica’s have a relaxing social high, which allows the user to focus more on his intuitive being. Using senses to feel the environment, but not leading to over analyzing the experience.

Other Indicas may get you really stoned, and provide a heavy neck or head experience. Sometimes your head will feel like a cannonball on a spaghetti neck, lol. Indica’s are excellent for medicinal usage pertaining to insomnia, pain management, and stress relief. One good Indica spliff and it’s a lovely experience followed by lights out!

Cannabis Indica is found in Afghanistan , Pakistan , India and other surrounding areas. All areas fall between the 25th and 35th parallels, which produces variable weather conditions from year to year. Drought conditions one year, rainy wet seasons the next…etc. Due to these inconsistencies, each plant population’s gene pool is “heterogeneous”. The plant characteristics (phenotypes) vary accordingly during all phases of their growth, including climate preference, maturation time, nutrient uptake, etc. Indica marijuana plants are pretty resistant to the elements or lack there of. Some strains are more forgiving than others. Indica is favored throughout the UK and Europe due to consistently poor weather conditions and also their early flowering maturation times.

Poor quality Indica marijuana, (whether by genetics or grower) results in low amounts of THC and higher ratios of CBD. This is what leads to a lack of high and creates the feeling of overall sleepiness.

The Indica High:

Indica’s are often describes as giving a pleasurable body buzz and sense of calm serenity. If you’re lucky enuf to find a pure Indica with good potency….prepare for some couch lock and simply enjoy the overall experience of this wonderful smoke.

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