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Nutrients for Marijuana

Tip #2

Nutrients: There are 3 main components to plant fertilizers; Nitrogen (N), Phosphorous (P), and Potassium (K). Depending on what stage of growth your marijuana is in, determines the nutrients your plants will uptake.  If you use in-water nutrients, be careful of how much and how often you feed them… reading the label could help prevent harm to your plants.

2 comments to Nutrients for Marijuana

  • ...

    for young plants (snow white) what is the nutrients they need extra??

  • Eric

    Snow white eh? yummy. Its really common to see yellowing leaves or leaves turning from dark to light as the Nitrogen becomes deficient. You need a lot of (N)Nitrogen throughout the vegging stage. Anything around a 10:6:8 ratio or so is fine. Its kind of a balancing act as too much Nitrogen can really damage your plants. Watch for damage at the tips of the new growth and if you notice a “burning” effect flush your plants.

    At the flowering stage you’ll wanna ease up on the (N) and increase the Phosphorus. You’ll also need some Magnesium (epson salt) most likely. Look for a fertilizer around 4:8:10.

    General Hydroponics Flora series is pretty easy and really good if i may suggest. You kinda need a system. “Winging it” is not a great method cuz if you don’t know what your feeding, how will you know how to correct any problems or what causing it????

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