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Magnesium deficiency while flowering marijuana

TIP #7

Magnesium Deficiency

Magnesium (Mg)  Deficiency is quite common.  (Mg) deficiency usually turns the older growth leaves a spotty or blotchy yellow.  It will eventually get brownish as it worsens.  Usually it starts at the outer edges of the leaf and works it way in. The margins of the leaves may bulge up and the tips can curl.

To correct the problem foliar feed the plants by misting.  Add 1/4 – 1/2 tablespoon Epson salt diluted in warm water.  Then add Epson salt…. around a 1/2 – 1 tablespoon per gallon of water to your reservoir.

Magnesium defficiency is a very common problem when growing marijuana.  The cannabis plant uses a lot of (Mg) and many fertilizers do not provide enough.

4 comments to Magnesium deficiency while flowering marijuana

  • steven

    i have a bubblelicous female flowering now,she is 4 week in an the tips of some of the leafs have started to go white an dry up,i know it’s a (MG)problem.i am giving it HESI.i have changed the way i was feeding it.It was getting 1 rain water then it’s HESI THEN I WOULD GIVE IT THE WASH OFF THE PLANT(THE WATER THAT CAME OFF BOTH THE RAIN WATER & THE HESI)BUT KNOW I AM GIVING IT 2 FEEDS OF HESI FOR MORE (MG)AN 1 RAIN WATER WILL THAT BE OK WILL THE PROBLEM START 2 GO AFTER A WEEK OR SO.

  • Eric

    Hard to tell. I dont use HESI nutes so im outta my realm Sounds like you have early signs of nute burn. Feeding more HESI will only add to the problem. If your sure its (Mg) deficiency then why not just dilute some Epson in squirt bottle and foliar feed for a few days. I would try that first. Search “Top Quality Home Growing” in youtube for a grow using HESI. Lots of good info. Hmmm. think i’ll thro up a link to that.

    Now pass the dutchie this way!

  • Really good read, nice to read a good blog at last!

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