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Do not overwater marijuana plants!

Tip #5

Do not over water marijuana plants!  Don’t do it!

DO NOT Over Wter (most common mistake)
Too much water will kill your marijuana plants. As your plants turn yellow and wither and die your likely to think something else is wrong with them or that they are wilting due to lack of water.  Rule out the simple things first like PH, nute burn, and then watering schedule.   Stick your finger 2 knuckles or a couple inches into the soil.  If its dry, then its ok to water.  If its saturated, you’ve likely found your problem.  You should allow the soil to dry out as much as possible between watering.  If your using sink water in a city, fill up a container and leave it open for 24 hours or more to release chlorine and contaminents.  Make sure the container holding the plant has a drain hole to shed excess H2o.

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