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Buying Weed

Buying Weed

Tip #4

Try not to get ripped off.  It happens more often than you think.  People are always in such a hurry.  Bring your own scale.  You can pick them up at discount cigarette shops all over for cheap. If your a newbie smokin the grass, ask a friend you know smokes to help ya buy some pot.  If your meeting a dealer neither of you know, its always a good idea to bring a friend thats bigger than you are.

I recommend trying to do business with friends whenever possible(if they have good weed). You’re more likely to get hooked up cuz they like ya.   Also, always try to buy eighths (one eighth of an ounce). You get more weed for your money!

1 comment to Buying Weed

  • boutit

    LMAO “try to buy eights”???? How do you figure buying less saves money compared to buying bulk?! Doesn’t work that way in ANY business.

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