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Spider Mites: White spots on the tops of marijuana leaves

TIP #9

Spider Mites – White spots on the tops of cannabis leaves can mean spider mites underneath.  Spider mites although hard to detect early on, become increasingly apparent in very short order.  The mites are somewhat clear and become darker after they feed off the marijuana leaf cells.  When you squash them they will smear green.  These insects multiply very fast and are resistant to many pesticides.  Some of the best named organic or synthetic pesticides have little or no effect against the mites.  Mites are easily transplanted into grow spaces as they are very common in nature.  MAKE SURE TO CHECK ALL CLONES very closely before bringing them into your room.  Also, less visits to the room can dramatically cut down on the exposure.  Lawnmowers or recently used garden items can bring them in as well.  I don’t advise growing in garages or garden sheds.

A marijuana plant infected with mites will soon lead to an infested garden.  Although you can effectively fight off the negative effects on the appearance of the plant, you will pay the consequence.  Trying hard to keep the cannabis plants healthy will ultimately just lead to a lot of work with really crappy yields.  The plants will become so stressed from the constant barrage of parricidal feeding that they will expire all there energy just trying to stay alive.  This means there won’t be a lot of effort left for producing gigantic, sticky, stinky nugs.

In my opinion, you are much better off saving the time, resource, and effort by just harvesting early or scrapping it altogether if your in early flower.  Cut your losses and clean the room for the next grow.

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