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Common Marijuana Plant Growing Problems

Common Marijuana Plant Problems

TIP #8

Are your marijuana plants showing signs of problems?  Discoloration, blotches, drying up, and wilting are just some of the ways the leaves of a marijuana plant will let you know something is wrong.  They are not as happy as they would like to be.  Stressing the marijuana plant can lead to low yield or even its demise.  First rule out these things:

  • Plants have plenty of water
  • PH is 5.6 – 5.9
  • Your light cycles are correct
  • Your medium is not saturated
  • Constant fresh air

With the above ruled out, use the below to help diagnose your plants problem!

Bigger leaves are turning a yellowish color while the smaller leaves are green.

  • Nitrogen deficiency – add nitrate of soda or organic fertilizer.

Older leaves will curl at edges, turn dark, possibly with a purple cast.

  • Phosphorous deficiency – add commercial phosphate.

Mature leaves develop a yellowish cast to least veinal areas.

  • Magnesium deficiency – add commercial fertilizer with a magnesium content.

Mature leaves turn yellow and then become spotted with edge areas
turning dark gray.

  • Potassium deficiency – add muriate of potash.

Cracked stems, no healthy support tissue.

  • Boron deficiency -add any plant food containing boron.

Small wrinkled leaves with yellowish vein systems.

  • Zinc deficiency – add commercial plant food containing zinc.

Young leaves become deformed, possibly yellowing.

  • Molybedum deficiency – use any plant food with a bit of molybdenum in it.

9 comments to Common Marijuana Plant Growing Problems

  • anthony

    I have six HOG plants in my cab right now. One showed up with powdery mold so I raised the lights cut them off early and hit them with a mist of neem soap and water.cool. well the next day one of them has significant black necrotic looking patches all over and is rapidly yellowing (just the fan leaves). Have any clue on the possible problem? It doesn’t doesn’t fit the common Disease and Def. tables I’ve looked at. I’ve since isolated this plant away from the rest and it looks like iy’s going to die in a few days if I don’t find a solution. They all get F.F. nutes and are in Ocean forest/ Verm/ and per mix. Please help.

  • Eric

    how old is the plant? is the same plant that showed mold or a different? whats the humidity of room? are the patches in the leaf or is it smearable like its on the leaf? make sure to let your soil dry out considerably. you should get 2 knuckles deep of dry soil between waterings.

  • dave123

    hi need help i got 3 autoflowerinf wight russain 1 is 6weeks and well into bud all the leafs started getting black spots arouned edges and pointes curling up 1 is at 5 week and leafs r getting yellow spots and poinets r turning brown the 7week looks good


    hiya i ave ad pukka blues cutting from 4week they ave been turned off @ 10pm till 6am at nite n sum ov the leafs r lukin a little brwn 2 a drk brwn n then really greennear the tips ov the leafs n i think personly that they r dieing or they mite ave mites??(the discolouration spreads from middle outwards).they ave been fed once since they ave been planted,from cuttings and they was four weeks from cuttings n planted and they were at least two to three inches long before they were put in a room that is at least 25′c wen they was placed in the room n since then ive been n turned the lights off n on three times n watered them once which was tested at 6.5ph n they ave still discolored in the past few weeks n i wud like help incase i am doing something wrong with the plants?????? stacey xx

  • bob

    Hey, I have a plant and the tips of the leafs are yellow….. there is also, at the bottom, two leafs, right across from each other, are getting white spots with yellow outlines around the spots. at first thought I had spiter mites but had them once before on this plant and don’t look quite the same ….. the plant is about 4-5 months old… there has been a change in temp. I start to feed it “schultz: all purpose plant food” as well as “miracle-gro: all purpose plant food” , both water soluble, about a month ago… can anyone share some info please? Thanks…

  • hard

    my stems halfway bend but not break. What can I do about this?
    Also I have stilt or stick it up

  • Eder

    (1st timer) I got two 2 month and a weed old plants in a closet but on is smaller then the other. the smaller ones bigger leaves are wrinkling on the tips. it says to add commercial phosphate. how do i go about doing this? help would be much appreciated.

  • Real215

    NEED HELP!!!!! My plant is about 4 months and has been flowering for about 4-5 weeks. Ive noticed some of the tips are getting brown and are dying off from the bottom up. There is also a leaf with rust like spots on it. It gets plenty light and water and is on a strickt light cycle. I dont use any chemicals.What could be the problem? Also would it be safe for me to move it from indoors to outside at this stage.Ppppllleeeeaaassseeee hhhheeeeelllppp!!!!! What could i do to get it some ventilation its a single plant in a closet. I use a 75watt bulb. Is this enough or to much and should i consider getting a fan.

  • Randy from Oregon

    Help, spring came late. I have nice healthy clones from an inside garden. I reputed them and slowly acclimated them to the out doors. They get direct sun most of the day but are budding. I have been fertilizing with “Old Growth” grow formula. They are getting much bigger and are a healthy dark green but still seem to be in bud mode. I’m not sure if I should put them in the ground in this stage……anybody? Please?

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