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Soil Mix for growing marijuana

A Marijuana Soil Mix

Ok, there’s been some basic questions lately about growing out some indoor plants using soil.  Imparticulary what a good soil mix would be.  Asking a person what the best soil mix is happens to be like asking what the best tasting wine is.  Every grower has their flavor.

Cannabis grows poorly in soil that is heavily compacted, high in PH, and has poor drainage.  With that in mind, you want a moderat PH around 6.7, deep wide holes outside, and lighter fluffier soil indoors/in pots.   With that in mind, here’s a soil recipe with proven success. Lets assume were’re going to be growing in a grow bed for this recipe.

My suggestion:

Organic potting soil – any brand is fine but i can recommend “Happy Frog” as i have worked with this.  If you can find a higher grade soil with coco in it this will be prefered. Your going to need anywhere from 8-10 bags of soil.

Worm Castings.  a staple of any soil mix.  very easy to produce and a great sustainable solution for food scraps in any household.  Worms are your friends.  Get as much worm casting as you can.  Add anywhere from 5-10lb’s or so…or more!

3/4 cup Azomite for trace elements – not essential to the grow, but will set you apart.

Epson Salt – 1cup should surfice.  Add more if deficiency occurrs in flower.  i highly doubt it will but if it does, mix a diluted foliar feed.

Bone Meal – 3lbs blood meal

Dolomite Lime – 1 cup

Humic acids are highly recommended.  Apply as recommended. usually a couple tablespoons.

Bat guano – 5lbs or so.

a couple 5 gal scoops of perlite.

REmember to let soil dry out prior to watering.  Watering is key.  A good rule of thumb is try to touch the plants less and keep notes of what you are doing.  If you don’t know what you did to mess things up, how will you know how to fix it????

8 comments to Soil Mix for growing marijuana

  • Great! Thank you very much!
    I always wanted to write in my site something like that. Can I take part of your post to my site?
    Of course, I will add backlink?

    Sincerely, Timur I. Alhimenkov

  • y

    what are you planting a forest?

  • carolina grower

    Since I only grow around 4 to 5 plants at a time for personal use the soil mix that I use is this:
    1 big bag of Fox Farn Ocean Forest
    2 4lb bags of worm casings
    1 pound bone meal
    1 pound blood meal
    3 cups epson salts
    2 cups of dolomite lime
    2 bags of perlite
    Water well, mix well, let sit for at least 90 days prior to using
    This is an organic mix and I never have to add any ferts during growing. My biggest propblem is the the girls getting root bound getting big enough containers that will fit in my small grow area

  • Good work! Thank you very much!

  • gary de soer

    hi, when you say 8-10bags of soil?…..how big are the bags in litres??trying to work on ma ratios etc,regards,the silverback

  • highcymbaline

    Hey, I’m getting ready to plant my first couple outdoor plants and want to use an organic soil mix…I’ve never really tried to mix my own, usually just use a good soil mix like foxfarm or roots, but want to try to break it down a little bit. I could use some input for sure! This is what I was thinking…
    Steer manure
    Worm castings
    Blood meal(or cave bat guano)
    Bone meal(or seabird guano)
    Kelp meal
    Dolomitic lime

    These plants have been vegging for a couple months now indoors, so naturally id like to see them do well :) any suggestions??

  • joe

    Wats the soil mix if I’m mixing out of a 5 gallon bucket

  • budman

    high fellow tokers and growers i been growing for 15 years the last 7 years i been growing outdoors and indoors in the winter im not happy with the price of out door weed so im going back to year round indoors .

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