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Common Marijuana Plant Growing Problems

Common Marijuana Plant Problems

TIP #8

Are your marijuana plants showing signs of problems? Discoloration, blotches, drying up, and wilting are just some of the ways the leaves of a marijuana plant will let you know something is wrong. They are not as happy as they would like to be. Stressing the marijuana plant can [...]

Marijuana Hydroponic Ebb and Flow Table #2

Here we are approximately 14 days after the marijuana clones were transferred to the 6″ rockwool cubes and placed in the hydroponic table. These plants have grown significantly since the last post. I’ve also posted some pics of the individual strains so you can see the different phenotypes(characteristics). Be sure to click [...]

Marijuana Hydroponic Ebb and Flow Table

Ok, its time to grow out a medicinal marijuana grow. Here you are invited to follow along and ask questions whenever necessary. I’ll cover how this particular hydroponic system works and post some pics to help you understand. We’ll also follow the grow through to harvest.

Before getting started with any grow its important to [...]

The difference between Indica vs Sativa – Marijuana Leaf Example

Indica vs Sativa Cont’d….

Sativas are opposite of Indicas. They are taller, thinner plants, with much narrower leaves. They tend to grow a lighter green in color. They grow very quickly and its not uncommon for them to reach heights of 16 feet in a single growing season! In optimum growing conditions [...]

The difference between Indica vs Sativa – Marijuana Leaf Example

We all know there’s different strains of weed. Marijuana breeders will cross breed different plants for prefered characteristics known as phenotypes. A phenotype is the observable, qualifyable, quantifiable representation of a trait. There happen to be two distinct traits known as Indica dominant and Sativa dominant. This does not necessarily mean that [...]

Lets grow marijuana, first lesson you need to know

Your finally ready to grow your own marijuana huh? Good decision. Your going to love smoking your own bud. There’s lots of advantages to growing your own marijuana, like knowing what your inhaling, having cash in your wallet again, and choice of strains to smoke. That’s always nice! Your going to need [...]