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Diatomaceous Earth to kill bugs infesting your marijuana plants

Diatomaceous Earth: The Natural Killer

TIP #10

Diatomaceous Earth, also commonly referred to as “fossil shell flour”, are finely milled fossilized shells of minuscule organisms called Diatoms.

…..basically, it kills most “exo-skeletal” insects almost instantly. It’s like a flour. You dilute [...]

Spider Mites: White spots on the tops of marijuana leaves

TIP #9

Spider Mites – White spots on the tops of cannabis leaves can mean spider mites underneath. Spider mites although hard to detect early on, become increasingly apparent in very short order. The mites are somewhat clear and become darker after they feed off the marijuana leaf cells. When you squash them they will [...]

Common Marijuana Plant Growing Problems

Common Marijuana Plant Problems

TIP #8

Are your marijuana plants showing signs of problems? Discoloration, blotches, drying up, and wilting are just some of the ways the leaves of a marijuana plant will let you know something is wrong. They are not as happy as they would like to be. Stressing the marijuana plant can [...]

Magnesium deficiency while flowering marijuana

TIP #7

Magnesium Deficiency

Magnesium (Mg) Deficiency is quite common. (Mg) deficiency usually turns the older growth leaves a spotty or blotchy yellow. It will eventually get brownish as it worsens. Usually it starts at the outer edges of the leaf and works it way in. The margins of the leaves may bulge up and [...]

Marijuana leaf HEAT BURN from grow lights

Tip #6


If your marijuana leaves become curled, dry, and brittle…..your lights are too close to your plants. You may notice the lights actually leaving burnt spots. If you foliar feed(Mist) before or during the lighting phase the droplets may have a magnifying effect as well and could lead to some damage spots. [...]

Do not overwater marijuana plants!

Tip #5

Do not over water marijuana plants! Don’t do it!

DO NOT Over Wter (most common mistake) Too much water will kill your marijuana plants. As your plants turn yellow and wither and die your likely to think something else is wrong with them or that they are wilting due to lack of water. [...]

Buying Weed

Buying Weed

Tip #4

Try not to get ripped off. It happens more often than you think. People are always in such a hurry. Bring your own scale. You can pick them up at discount cigarette shops all over for cheap. If your a newbie smokin the grass, ask a friend you know smokes to [...]

Quality Marijuana Seeds for Potency

Grow from Quality Seeds Always strive to acquire superior genetics. Your final product is 90% dependent upon it. Potency is not grown. Be prepared to be disappointed using unknown seeds.

think of it like this. “You can polish a terd…..but its still going to be a terd.” supplying an inferior genetic plant with the [...]

Nutrients for Marijuana

Tip #2

Nutrients: There are 3 main components to plant fertilizers; Nitrogen (N), Phosphorous (P), and Potassium (K). Depending on what stage of growth your marijuana is in, determines the nutrients your plants will uptake. If you use in-water nutrients, be careful of how much and how often you feed them… reading the label could [...]

Flying insects infesting your marijuana?

TIP #1

Flying insect problem? try putting a little apple cider with some vinegar in a cup. Place at the bottom of the plants.