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Medicinal Cannabis or Pharmaceutical Drugs?

I came across this video on youtube and think its worth a few minutes to check out. After watching it you may find yourself wondering why cannabis is not presented as a legitimate option.

Medicinal Cannabis vs Prescription Drugs

Marijuana Hydroponic Ebb and Flow Table #2

Here we are approximately 14 days after the marijuana clones were transferred to the 6″ rockwool cubes and placed in the hydroponic table. These plants have grown significantly since the last post. I’ve also posted some pics of the individual strains so you can see the different phenotypes(characteristics). Be sure to click [...]


Happy New Years you bunch of pot smokers! lol

oh yeah, and remember…………….If you aren’t chokin, then you aren’t SMOKIN!

Now lets all get LiFteD!

Marijuana Hydroponic Ebb and Flow Table

Ok, its time to grow out a medicinal marijuana grow. Here you are invited to follow along and ask questions whenever necessary. I’ll cover how this particular hydroponic system works and post some pics to help you understand. We’ll also follow the grow through to harvest.

Before getting started with any grow its important to [...]

Soil Mix for growing marijuana

A Marijuana Soil Mix

Ok, there’s been some basic questions lately about growing out some indoor plants using soil. Imparticulary what a good soil mix would be. Asking a person what the best soil mix is happens to be like asking what the best tasting wine is. Every grower has their flavor.

Cannabis grows poorly [...]

Higher Thinking

“Anyone who reads this has either used marijuana or knows someone who has, and they know that person is NOT a criminal.”


I thought this was far out!


LAS VEGAS, Nevada — Bike maker Craig Calfee has found a way to grow bicycle frames in a field, with sunlight and water.

He makes them out of bamboo.

“It’s like bonsai basically,” said Calfee, who is based in Santa Cruz, California. “If you [...]

Ideas to Cultivate


Ideas to Cultivate

There’s a lot of reasons why a person would decide to grow their own marijuana. Contrary to what modern propaganda would have you believe, funding terrorists groups or Mexican mafia drug lords are not the primary reasons. Walking the streets aimlessly bangin on mailboxes while foaming at [...]

What are Trichomes?

I ran across this page and was like, Wow! someone took a lot of time to explain this. ITs a good read and well worth it. Trichs are super importante man. Basically why we grow. You know this! Article (HERE):

capitate stalked trichome photo by: Eirik

Although cannabis resin [...]

80% of Pot Crops Invade Parklands

80% of Pot Crops Invade Parklands Busting ‘bad characters’ risky, strains U.S. funds

CHICAGO — Mexican drug cartels are stepping up marijuana cultivation in U.S. national parks and on other public land, endangering visitors and damaging the environment, law enforcement and National Park Service officials say.