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Common Marijuana Plant Growing Problems

Common Marijuana Plant Problems

TIP #8

Are your marijuana plants showing signs of problems? Discoloration, blotches, drying up, and wilting are just some of the ways the leaves of a marijuana plant will let you know something is wrong. They are not as happy as they would like to be. Stressing the marijuana plant can [...]

Got me a cool marijuana t shirt from this place….

Here’s a cool site offering some marijuana strain related t shirts. I had seen their booth at Hempfest and had the pleasure of chilln with the owners. Very cool group. Glad to see they’re still bakin it through the global depression. lol. Keep on keepn on catz.

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Medicinal Cannabis or Pharmaceutical Drugs?

I came across this video on youtube and think its worth a few minutes to check out. After watching it you may find yourself wondering why cannabis is not presented as a legitimate option.

Medicinal Cannabis vs Prescription Drugs

Marijuana Hydroponic Ebb and Flow Table #2

Here we are approximately 14 days after the marijuana clones were transferred to the 6″ rockwool cubes and placed in the hydroponic table. These plants have grown significantly since the last post. I’ve also posted some pics of the individual strains so you can see the different phenotypes(characteristics). Be sure to click [...]


Happy New Years you bunch of pot smokers! lol

oh yeah, and remember…………….If you aren’t chokin, then you aren’t SMOKIN!

Now lets all get LiFteD!