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Marijuana Hydroponic Ebb and Flow Table

Ok, its time to grow out a medicinal marijuana grow. Here you are invited to follow along and ask questions whenever necessary. I’ll cover how this particular hydroponic system works and post some pics to help you understand. We’ll also follow the grow through to harvest.

Before getting started with any grow its important to [...]

Soil Mix for growing marijuana

A Marijuana Soil Mix

Ok, there’s been some basic questions lately about growing out some indoor plants using soil. Imparticulary what a good soil mix would be. Asking a person what the best soil mix is happens to be like asking what the best tasting wine is. Every grower has their flavor.

Cannabis grows poorly [...]

Magnesium deficiency while flowering marijuana

TIP #7

Magnesium Deficiency

Magnesium (Mg) Deficiency is quite common. (Mg) deficiency usually turns the older growth leaves a spotty or blotchy yellow. It will eventually get brownish as it worsens. Usually it starts at the outer edges of the leaf and works it way in. The margins of the leaves may bulge up and [...]

Marijuana leaf HEAT BURN from grow lights

Tip #6


If your marijuana leaves become curled, dry, and brittle…..your lights are too close to your plants. You may notice the lights actually leaving burnt spots. If you foliar feed(Mist) before or during the lighting phase the droplets may have a magnifying effect as well and could lead to some damage spots. [...]