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Marijuana Cannabinoid/THC Chemistry

The collective name given to the terpenes found in Cannabis is cannabinoids. Most of the naturally occurring cannabinoids have now been identified, and three are the most abundant—cannabidiol (CBD), tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), and cannabinol (CBN). The steps from CBD to THC to CBN represent the biosynthetic pathway in the plant. THC is an optically active [...]

The difference between Indica vs Sativa – Marijuana Leaf Example

Indica vs Sativa Cont’d….

Sativas are opposite of Indicas. They are taller, thinner plants, with much narrower leaves. They tend to grow a lighter green in color. They grow very quickly and its not uncommon for them to reach heights of 16 feet in a single growing season! In optimum growing conditions [...]

U.S. Lawmakers Discuss Protection for Cannabis Possesion

MINA Breaking News – US Congressmen tired of pointless marijuana arrests

Members of Congress called on lawmakers to enact legislation that would limit the government’s authority to arrest and prosecute adults who possess marijuana for their own personal use.

The federal government should “not lock people up or use scarce federal resources to arrest [...]

Marijuana Dictionary

Here’s a cool site that gives a lot terms about marijuana. You can refer to this site if ya come across some lingo that you don’t recognize.

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The difference between Indica vs Sativa – Marijuana Leaf Example

We all know there’s different strains of weed. Marijuana breeders will cross breed different plants for prefered characteristics known as phenotypes. A phenotype is the observable, qualifyable, quantifiable representation of a trait. There happen to be two distinct traits known as Indica dominant and Sativa dominant. This does not necessarily mean that [...]

Lets grow marijuana, first lesson you need to know

Your finally ready to grow your own marijuana huh? Good decision. Your going to love smoking your own bud. There’s lots of advantages to growing your own marijuana, like knowing what your inhaling, having cash in your wallet again, and choice of strains to smoke. That’s always nice! Your going to need [...]

Welcome to Growing Marijuana.org

Hello and welcome to our new web site GrowingMarijuana.org.

We will be updating this site regularly with fresh up to date information. We’ll be posting content regarding the latest growing techniques, tips and tricks, products reviews, and a lot more. Please feel free to leave us “comments” if there’s anything you’d like us to discuss [...]