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Ideas to Cultivate


Ideas to Cultivate

There’s a lot of reasons why a person would decide to grow their own marijuana. Contrary to what modern propaganda would have you believe, funding terrorists groups or Mexican mafia drug lords are not the primary reasons. Walking the streets aimlessly bangin on mailboxes while foaming at [...]

Quality Marijuana Seeds for Potency

Grow from Quality Seeds Always strive to acquire superior genetics. Your final product is 90% dependent upon it. Potency is not grown. Be prepared to be disappointed using unknown seeds.

think of it like this. “You can polish a terd…..but its still going to be a terd.” supplying an inferior genetic plant with the [...]

Nutrients for Marijuana

Tip #2

Nutrients: There are 3 main components to plant fertilizers; Nitrogen (N), Phosphorous (P), and Potassium (K). Depending on what stage of growth your marijuana is in, determines the nutrients your plants will uptake. If you use in-water nutrients, be careful of how much and how often you feed them… reading the label could [...]

What are Trichomes?

I ran across this page and was like, Wow! someone took a lot of time to explain this. ITs a good read and well worth it. Trichs are super importante man. Basically why we grow. You know this! Article (HERE):

capitate stalked trichome photo by: Eirik

Although cannabis resin [...]

Flying insects infesting your marijuana?

TIP #1

Flying insect problem? try putting a little apple cider with some vinegar in a cup. Place at the bottom of the plants.

80% of Pot Crops Invade Parklands

80% of Pot Crops Invade Parklands Busting ‘bad characters’ risky, strains U.S. funds

CHICAGO — Mexican drug cartels are stepping up marijuana cultivation in U.S. national parks and on other public land, endangering visitors and damaging the environment, law enforcement and National Park Service officials say.


Marijuana Growing Tips Category Added!

We’ve added a new sexy section :) Tips

I’ll be adding some tips here frequently. They’ll be EASY tidbits of information. Use them to increase your quality of bud and efficiency of your grow room.

Give ‘em a try and let us know what ya think. If ya have some tips to share, we’re [...]

Medical Marijuana Cards OK’d

Medical-marijuana cards OK’d

Fresno County becomes 41st in state to adopt the ID program.

By Barbara Anderson / The Fresno Bee 09/09/08 22:51:48

People who smoke marijuana for medical reasons will now be able to get an identification card in Fresno County so they can prove to police that they have [...]

Orange County Reacts to New California 215 MJ Interpretation

News: Some O.C. Cities with moratoriums or bans on pot | marijuana, law, medical, orange, city – OCRegister.com O.C. reacts to new medical marijuana rules Officials explore what state directive means; pot advocates applaud. By CINDY CARCAMO and EUGENE W. FIELDS The Orange County Register

ORANGE – A couple of days after the state attorney [...]

Slang words for Marijuana

Words for Marijuana

Help us create a comprehensive list of street names used to refer to Marijuana. Let’s grow this list to include known names and NEW slang names for marijuana. Leave a comment with names you know that are not found here or new slang you’ve just heard. [...]