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Blue Berry Marijuana Harvest – See these Big Buds that Makes you Mouthwater

Blue berry has been one of the most popular wannabe strains in recent years. The buds are so beautiful with all the different colors that it’s just a joy to watch them grow into full blown buds. Here’s a nice blue berry harvest, Have a look at the following link: blue berry harvest

El Cheapo



Spending your money wisely does not make you cheap.  With the green in our wallets worth less each passing day, maybe we should focus more on the green in our gardens?

Puff puff pass the knowledge  <3

1. Lots of Rx for a little $

2. Marijuana Fest

3. El Cheapo

4. Builda Bong


1. Lots of Rx for a little $


Medical marijuana already exists. They call it Marinol(Dronabinol). Pharmaceutical products, Marinol is available through a doctors prescription note. It comes in the form of a pill and is also being studied by researchers for other delivery methods such as an inhaler or patch. The active ingredients of Marinol are synthetic THC, which they say ALSO relieves nausea and vomiting associated with chemotherapy for cancer patients and to assist with loss of appetite with AIDS patients.

So if “they” (pharma and dr.’s) acknowledge cannabinols and THC are effective to deal with these ailments, why try to duplicate nature and re invent the wheel so to speak?  Why charge patients thousands of dollars a year for these pharmacy drugs when patients could be allowed to simply grow there own at a far lower cost?

What else could cannabis be used to relieve us from?

Aspirin, Tylenol, Ibuprofen etc, generate billions of dollars in “over-the-counter” pharmacy sales every year. If temporary sickness and injuries from our stupidity weren’t enough we also age…doh! As we get older our bodies start to break down.  Artheritis, spondylosis and hernias set in, compounding our misery even further.  We pile on new stresses continuously and frequently hypertension, insomnia, and migranes result. Sometimes all these little pills seem to be a part of our nutrition program.  How sad is that?

Why are we voluntarily paying for these over the counter drugs when nature provides? Cannabis is already a proven pain-killer and trust me when I tell you it works.

The El Cheapo system mentioned below can be producing excellent medicinal grade marijuana for under $1000 US bucks and that INCLUDES everything you need for your first harvest.  Depending on your medicinal needs, this single harvest of a FEW plants could be all you need to relieve your pain for the entire year.  yipee :)

Compare that with Marinol. Marinol Is OUTRAGEOSLY EXPENSIVE, very expensive; In fact there is as much as a 100-to-1 cost ratio between the two. If Legal, a POUND of high-quality Medical Marijuana would cost (much less than) $100.oo, which is enough to create 400 cigarettes.

That 15 mg of Marinol, is the equivalent of one-half of a Cannabis cigarette.

Therefore one pound of Cannabis = 800 medical doses, or the equivalent of 27,397-mg of Marinol.

That 20 mg of legal Marinol can costs $800 or more per month or $9600 and up per year. Ouch!


2. Marijuana Fest


Marijuana Fes…uh, i mean HEMPFEST summary:

After abondoning the Northern California stomping grounds and driving 13 or so hours farther north, we found ourselves at destination 420.  Seattle’s annual “Hempfest” festival.   Seattle is by far one of my favorite cities on the left coast.  I don’t think you’ll find a cleaner city anywhere else in the USofA.  I’m pretty familiar with the area as in past travels i found myself residing there for a couple years.  In the time i spent living in Seattle i experienced a lot but never made it to the Hempfest.  If you find yourself heading to the west coast in your travels, you’ll definetly want to see Seattle and coordinate it with this event!  What the hell was i thinkin when i lived there! Now i wonder how i ever missed Hempfest?  “Marijuana Fest” would be a more appropriate title.  With just about every person around you blazin one up or passin one left, it is impossible to escape the sweet aroma of cannabis.  Vendors galore and 4 concert stages.  Its actually a pretty killer setup.  The Festival takes place in the Myrtle Edwards park right on the waterfront and in the heart of Seattle.  From this location you can walk to the Seattle Center (Space Needle), Downtown, Pikes Place Market, and many other cool hangouts.  Plenty of hotel accomadations nearby so if you can afford to stay a few days, your on for one of lifes unforgetable experiences.

Parking was a little shady at the event but the city metros drop ya right there.  Seattle’s a very liberal area so no worries on the smokin in public.  Blaze one up while ya take in the scenery.  After the gates open the sea of thousands makes way to the entrance.  You are kindly asked to make a donation upon entry and would’nt ya know, they ask for a pledge of only $4.20.  CHEAP!  The cause is great and so are the line up of music artists, guest speakers, and facility provided.  Well worth it so dont be a cheapskate and make the donation!

The food area had plenty of choices and everything i tried was tasty.  From pizza to organic vegetarian, there’s somethin for every munchie desire.  They have the stages setup throught the park and with so many venues its near impossible to catch everything you want.  You’d be better off just choosing a few can’t miss bands and speakers.  As you meander the paths through the park you find yourself mesmerized by the number of people smokin weed.  I mean they are everywhere! Imagine a crowd of 300+ thousand die hard smokers over one weekend.  There is not a single alcohol booth.  Its strictly a weed fest.  Where ever there’s an ocean view, concert goin on, imbetween glass booths, clothing booths, gardens, knolls everywhere……joints, pipes, bubblers, bongs, etc.  clouds of smoke, haze, fog, friends, fire, pass it to the left!

With so many different perspectives fights would be inevitable, or so one would think.  I didn’t see a single confrentation the entire event.  Not even from L.E.O.  As a matter of fact, the local law enforcement doesn’t even care if you smoke.  I watched a vendor sell some marijuana cookies to a customer right in front of them!  Yep, the VENDORS SELL MARIJUANA TREATS!!!! yippee!  I’m telln ya….i’ve never seen so much weed in my life. The vendors were selling cupcakes, rice crispy treats, brownies, cookies, chronic pops, and hash.  Incredible.  Now that i think of it, i even saw the biggest joint i’ve ever seen in front of the Hight Times booth(HERE).   I was, and am still, blown away by the openess of it all.

Lets see, what else comes to mind.  hmmm arrived, got stoned, listened to music…oh yes!  I smoked out with Jack Herer. yep…i’ll remember that for a lifetime.  Hemp’s greatest advocate and I found myself chillin at his tent and smokin his herb out of his pipe.  Fly’n.

I’ll be returning again next year with the www.MaryJanesCloset.net group again.  A great time was had by all. Heck, we’re already talkin bout the next trip, and how we need to bring a lot more weed! lol

Bands, vendors, pipes galore, killer glass artists, activists, Jack Herer, cops, underground sales of goods


3. “El Cheapo” Hydroponic System


El Cheapo“, a medicinal Rx hydroponic system.  Lets build a hydroponic system that is not only about as cheap as you could ever get into growing, but is so effective you’d be hard pressed to achieve better results by upgrading.  This will in effect be, super easy, super cheap, super efficient, and produce super yields.  What more could a fixed income, out of work medicinal patient want?

You will need these materials:

1- marijuana seedling rooted in a rockwool cube, 1- 5 gal bucket(free from contractor or donut shop), 1-bag vermiculite, 1- bag perlite

Tools: Drill and 9/32 +- bit, small hand shovel? i just get my hands dirty.

Seek out some really great genetics.  In growing marijuana, genetics are 90% of the potency so never settle.  Constantly seek out the best and over time you’ll learn what pheno’s your looking for.  Nirvana’s Bubblicious is a tasty strain and not at all hard to grow.  Its aroma and flavor are strong and the stone will lay you out.  (mmmm…sensational urge to hit my bong right now:) )  Grow your seedling out into a rockwool cube.  You don’t need to be overly picky on the size of the cube. 2″ – 6″ is fine.

Recycle a 5 gallon bucket and drill a hole about 2″ up from the bottom.  Mix 3 parts of Perlite to 1 part of Vermiculite.  So…if your measuring with a “cup”, for every 3 cups perlite you would mix 1 cup of vermiculite. Your going to need to wash these two mediums prior to putting them in the bucket as they will be dusty and leave sediment in the bucket.  Starting clean is preferred.

Fill the bucket with mix up to about 4″ from the rim of the bucket.  Now place your rooted seedling/clone in rockwool cube into the center of the bucket and bury it so that most of the stem is beneath the growing medium.  You’ll want about an inch and then all the leaves protruding.

Its now time to feed the plant.  There are many many many many nutrient products and some are WAY more expensive than others.  Ultimately, at this point, lets focus on keeping our plants alive and healthy.  We will achieve much better medicinal quality bud by growing healthy plants with optimum trich production.  Trying to mix nutrient cocktails for different parts of the growing cycle will overcomplicate the objective here and you may damage the plant.  Again, potency is in the genetics.  General Hydroponics 3 part Flora Series  is an excellent nutrient system and is easy to manage.  A great choice for medicinal growers.  Mix according to the feeding schedule on the back of the bottle.  A gallon milk jug is perfect for this.  Just poor the mix gently to the base of the plant until you get some run off from the hole at the bottom of the bucket.  Repeat this every 2 days with no nutrients.  After the plant is established you can start with a weak dilution of nutrients.  Overtime as the plant grows and a root base establishes, up the nutrients according to the feeding directions.

Thats the cheapo hydroponic system.


4. Builda Bong



diy bong  -  make anywhere with these easy to find items:  soda bottle, pen, can, scissors, lighter.

Poke 2 holes in the bottle.  Make sure the lowest hole is above the water level. Seems kinda silly to type that but we are stoners, lol.  Next cut a rectagular piece out of the can.  roll it into a cone shape and insert it in the hollow pen body to make the stem and bowl. Place the stem in the lower hole and put that bad boy to use!

Stay lifted!

WHITE WIDOW by Nirvana Seeds

White Widow Strain Review

White Widow

White Widow

WHITE WIDOW by Nirvana Seeds

The infamous WHITE WIDOW”

We’ve all heard of it, and more than likely smoked some variant of this strain.  White Widow has got to be the queen of the “white” family of cannabis plants. This strain made it’s breakthrough around the mid 90′s. Still to this day its descendants bring forth some of the most potent bud.  White Russian, Snow White, and Misty to name just a few.  White widow earned its name due to its buds so full of resin that they looked “sugar coated”. Truly, every weed connoisseur’s dream whether you grow or just smoke.

White Widow’s heritage is almost as mythical as G-13.  All I know is that White Widow was supposedly bred from Brazilian and Indian genetic strains resulting in a 60% Sativa / 40% Indica hybrid plant. Wish I could tell you more about its origins.

White Widow is an extremely high quality plant with a very nice stone, fruity taste, and sweet aroma. It took first prize in the BIO High Times Cannabis Cup in 1995 and has been a winner of various coveted cannabis trophies. It is definitely one of the most rewarded strains of all time.

Seed banks frequently brag about the THC content of this variety and I’ve seen some claims of over 20% Wow! Wish I could get my hands on that! THC content of 12-18% is still some serious stone. PoTenT is what the White Widow is known for. I personally grow the Nirvana White Widow so I’ll describe my grow experience with it.

Grow: Overall I’d say its a fairly easy plant to grow. I grow multiple strains and side by side comparisons show they are more robust than some of my other strains. Not quite the hardiness of a Northern but definitely one a noob can manage. I germ’d from seed in a cup and 100% popped. I veg’d them only 18 days and then 12/12. 80% female ratio achieved w/standard seeds.

I had a slight mag deficiency around the 2nd week of flower but other than that, just fed them the same slurry in my ebb and flow as the rest. I also use hygrozyme in my res throughout my grows. I use a bud blaster product around the 4th week as well as upping the nute intake as needed in my garden. Trich production really takes off towards the 7th week, when you’ll really notice the buds glisten like they were powdered in crushed diamonds.

Smell: The Nirvana White Widow smell is a kinda sweet/piny aroma (to me) and I actually find it quite pleasant and less pungent than expected. It would make a great used car fragrance.

Taste: (after cured in mason jar 3 weeks) Very crisp/sweet floral flavor. First hit kinda resembles the sweet savor of a purp on the aftertaste. One of the sweeter tasting strains in my grow.

Smoke: I’d smoke labrador dookie like Cheech and Chong to experience the high of all highs. I was not disappointed with Nirvana’s Widow. I got very high to say the least. My girl and I got so trashed.  We were lounge’n on the bed laughn have’n the funniest conversation after smokin this the first time….one thing led to another and we began eating the weed out of the jar! It just smelled and tasted that good.  I now have Nirvana’s White Widow cloned for every grow.

Can Marijuana help rescue California’s economy?

I guess politicians think they are going to make billions off taxing $50 bucks per Oz?  Seems a bit optimistic to me .

Could marijuana be the answer to the economic misery facing California? Democratic state assemblyman Tom Ammiano thinks so. Ammiano introduced legislation last month that would legalize pot and allow the state to regulate and tax its sale – a move that could mean billions of dollars for the cash-strapped state. Pot is, after all, California’s biggest cash crop, responsible for $14 billion a year in sales, dwarfing the state’s second largest agricultural commodity – milk and cream – which brings in $7.3 billion a year, according to the most recent USDA statistics. The state’s tax collectors estimate the bill would bring in about $1.3 billion a year in much needed revenue, offsetting some of the billions of dollars in service cuts and spending reductions outlined in the recently approved state budget.

“The state of California is in a very, very precipitous economic plight. It’s in the toilet,” says Ammiano. “It looks very, very bleak, with layoffs and foreclosures, and schools closing or trying to operate four days a week. We have one of the highest rates of unemployment we’ve ever had. With any revenue ideas, people say you have to think outside the box, you have to be creative, and I feel that the issue of the decriminalization, regulation and taxation of marijuana fits that bill. It’s not new, the idea has been around, and the political will may in fact be there to make something happen.” (See pictures of stoner cinema.)

Continue reading Can Marijuana help rescue California’s economy?

Home Made 3 Chamber Bong

Make your own Sobe waterfall bong

Here’s the cheap way to make a waterfall bong. No expensive liquor bottles to buy or diamond drill bits to cut the glass.  Another great way to break the glass hole in the bottom of the Sobe bottle is to use a large nail.  Just put it in the same corner shown in the vid and give it one hard hit with any blunt object. Trust me, it will go right through.

Diatomaceous Earth to kill bugs infesting your marijuana plants

Diatomaceous Earth: The Natural Killer

TIP #10

Diatomaceous Earth, also commonly referred to as “fossil shell flour”, are finely milled fossilized shells of minuscule organisms called Diatoms.

…..basically, it kills most “exo-skeletal” insects almost instantly. It’s like a flour. You dilute ½ tsp into a spray bottle. Try to find a bottle that allows you to twist the the nozzle to disperse up so that you can get under the leaves where the larvae and insects feed and hide.

Diatomaceous Earth is safe to use on your marijuana plants, and it works. Aphids, mites, whiteflies, etc. Use it a few days in a row as needed.

Make your own classy waterfall bong

Here’s a really great way to make a heavy duty and stylin marijuana waterfall bong. Get creative people!

Spider Mites: White spots on the tops of marijuana leaves

TIP #9

Spider Mites – White spots on the tops of cannabis leaves can mean spider mites underneath.  Spider mites although hard to detect early on, become increasingly apparent in very short order.  The mites are somewhat clear and become darker after they feed off the marijuana leaf cells.  When you squash them they will smear green.  These insects multiply very fast and are Continue reading Spider Mites: White spots on the tops of marijuana leaves

“Fish Boy” Michael Phelps smokes marijuana from bong

Sweet.  Its always nice to see world class athletes adhering to strict work out regimes also finding the time to smoke a couple bowls.  nice.

While the newspaper did not specifically allege that Phelps was smoking pot, it did say the water pipe is generally used for that purpose and anonymously quoted a partygoer who said the Olympic champion was “out of control from the moment he got there.”

The party occurred nearly three months after the Olympics while Phelps was taking a long break from training, and his actions should have no impact on the eight golds he won at Beijing. He has never tested positive for banned substances. The case is unlikely to fall under any doping rules.

The rest of the story here: